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  Oracle Replication Tips by Burleson

Oracle Multi-Master replication Examples of Defining Conflict Resolutions

Let’s look at creating some of the more common resolution methods in our PUBS schema. First, we will look at an example of the latest timestamp conflict resolution. Then we will look at using the site priority conflict resolution method.

Defining Latest Timestamp

Conflict resolution methods are defined using the dbms_repcat.add_update_resolution procedure.  In the following example, we will configure Oracle to use the latest timestamp method of resolution to settle conflicts with the pubs.sales table’s ORDER_DATE column. In this example we will:

  1. Define a column group for use by the resolution method.

  2. Define the resolution method.

  3. Add additional support as required.

Let’s look at these steps in more detail then.

Define the Column Group

The first step is to define a column group on the master definition site that uses this resolution method.

execute dbms_repcat.make_column_group(

In this example, we are defining a column group called SALES_COLGP on the sales table in the PUBS schema.  This column group will include every column in the table, since the ‘*’ is being used. 

It is not necessary to include all columns in the column group.  Since the ORDER_DATE column can act as a primary key, we could have only defined

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