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  Oracle Replication Tips by Burleson

Creating Oracle Materialized Views using OEM

There’s a saying among ancient DBAs, “Real men don’t use GUIs”.  It can be modified slightly to say “Smart men use GUIs if it makes the task easier.”  For the purposes of replication, GUIs are helpful as long as everything works. However, when problems arise, the GUIs hide the details and often prevent identification of the problem.  That said, Oracle Enterprise Manager could be an easy way to check the status of the replication.  If something needs to be fixed, do it in SQLPLUS. 

For those hard-core DBAs who insist on using GUIs, here is an example of creating a replicated materialized view using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).  The example uses the OEM version that comes with Oracle9iR2.  OEM for Oracle9i is similar, but the version in Oracle8i is worthless. Regardless of the database version, use the OEM that comes with Oracle9iR2. 

To start OEM on Windows, go to the START menu and find the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console.  On UNIX/LINUX, open a terminal window as the oracle user (or a user with the oracle ENV set up) and enter “oemapp console”.  If the database is not listed in OEM, click on the database icon and select Add Databases To Tree.  The database can be added manually or through the server tnsnames.ora file.

ure 3.1 Adding A Database to OEM

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