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Oracle KEEP and RECYCLE Pools

We have already seen that Oracle8 began providing three separate pools of RAM in the db_cache_size area to hold incoming data blocks. Let’s look at them in a little more depth:

  • KEEP pool – The KEEP pool holds tables that are referenced frequently by the application. This typically includes objects that are normally more than 80% cached in the data buffers and small-table full-table scan tables. The KEEP pool is the evolved form of the table cache command in Oracle7.

  • RECYCLE pool – The RECYCLE pool is reserved for large-table full-table scans. Data blocks from full-table scans are unlikely to be re-read. Segregating these blocks into their own special pool prevents more frequently used tables and indexes from being flushed out of the system.

  • DEFAULT pool – The DEFAULT pool stores all other tables and indexes that do not fit the KEEP or RECYCLE criteria.

Bear in mind that the KEEP and RECYCLE pools are subsets of the DEFAULT pool.


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