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Sizing the Oracle KEEP Pool

Finally, once the tables and indexes have been loaded into the KEEP buffer pool, the buffer_pool_keep parameter must be increased by the total number of blocks in the migrated tables.

The following script will total the number of blocks that the KEEP pool requires, insuring 100 percent data caching. You should note that the script adds 20 percent to the total to allow for growth in the cached objects. The DBA should run this important script frequently to make sure the KEEP pool always has a DBHR of 100 percent.

See code depot for full scripts

-- ****************************************************************
-- Display correct size for the KEEP pool
-- Copyright (c) 2003 By Donald K. Burleson - All Rights reserved.
-- ****************************************************************

prompt The following will size your init.ora KEEP POOL,
prompt based on Oracle8 KEEP Pool assignment values

. . .
  dba_segments s
  s.buffer_pool = 'KEEP';

This script outputs the Oracle parameter that resizes the KEEP pool for the next re-start of the Oracle instance. The parameter is placed in the init.ora file. You should know that Oracle9i deprecates buffer_pool_keep and it cannot be modified with an alter system command.


We can now bounce the database and the parameter change will take effect.


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