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Large Blocks and Oracle Indexes blocksize

When an SQL query retrieves a result set from an Oracle table, it is probably gathering the table rows through an index. Many Oracle tuning experts have recommended that databases created prior to Oracle9i be re-defined with large block sizes. The performance gains realized from switching a 2K block size database to an 8K block size have perplexed many.

Resistance to increasing the block size was typically expressed as “Why will moving to a large block size improve a database that only randomly fetches small rows”? The answer to this question is not so simple, but it involves indexes.

Many DBAs fail to consider index trees and the index range scan process of sequential retrieval of the index when choosing a block size. Nested loop joins usually evidence an index range scan, and the vast majority of rows are accessed using indexes.

Locating indexes in larger size blocks reduces I/O and further improves throughput for the entire database because index range scans gather index nodes sequentially. If this is the case, why not just create the database with large block sizes and forget about multiple block sizes?

The answer here is also complex. RAM buffer memory cannot be utilized with maximum efficiency unless the tables are segregated according to the distribution of related data between them. In allocating block sizes, we can still apply the same general rules, with some modification in our understanding.


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