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Maximizing Oracle Block Space Usage

We will have to manage the RAM that is allocated to the data buffers until memory becomes cheap enough to cache the entire database. Properly allocating tables and indexes according to block size is a balancing act. If the data blocks are set too large, valuable buffer space is wasted holding row data that will never be referenced. If the blocks are set too small, Oracle is forced to perform more disk I/O to satisfy a query.

Here are some further general guidelines for allocating data block sizes:

  • Segregate large-table full-table scans – Tables subject to large-table, full-table scans will benefit from the largest supported block size. They should be placed in a tablespace with the largest block size.

  • Set db_recycle_cache_size carefully – If db_cache_size is not set to the largest supported block size, do not use the db_recycle_cache_size parameter. Instead, create a db_32k_cache_size (or whatever the max is), and assign all tables and indexes subject to large-table, full-table scans to the largest data buffer in the database.

Bear in mind that the data dictionary will use the default block size. Make sure that the dictionary (e.g. the SYSTEM tablespace) is always fully cached in a data buffer pool. The block size, per se, of the dictionary is less important than having enough RAM in the SYSTEM tablespace buffer to fully cache all of the dictionary blocks.


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