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Breadcrumbs are used to provide a trail of links for the user.  Depending on the template specified, the breadcrumbs can be a list of links or display as a breadcrumb path.  An example of the breadcrumb menu is located at the top of most development screens.  An example is displayed in Figure 11.9.

Breadcrumbs are great to use for tracing a path to a particular screen.  It will allow the user to see the path and if necessary they can back up to any point along the path.

Creating a Breadcrumb Menu

Creating a breadcrumb is very similar to creating a list.  Again, there are three ways to create a breadcrumb:

·         Go to the Shared Components, select Breadcrumbs, and click on the Create button.

·         From the Page Definition, click the Breadcrumbs link under the Shared Components region.

·         From the Page Definition, click on the Create button in the Breadcrumbs box under the Shared Components region and then follow the prompts.

The first page in the Breadcrumb wizard is shown in Figure 11.10. 

1.     Enter the name of the breadcrumb menu and click the Create button.

2.     This will create the container in the Shared Components for the actual breadcrumb entries. After creating the container as shown in Figure 11.11, the breadcrumb entries will have to be created.  In other words, the links that the user will click on will have to be created. From the Breadcrumb Entries screen, click the Create Breadcrumb Entry button.  The Breadcrumb Entry screen will be displayed which is shown in Figure 11.12. 

3.     In the Breadcrumb entry screen, the Page number and the Name are required. 

  • Page:  This is the page number associated with this breadcrumb.  The breadcrumb entry will highlight when the user is presently on this page number and navigated to it by another means. Also, the breadcrumb menu display will compensate depending on where the page is in the menu.

  • Sequence:  The sequence where the entry will appear in the menu.

  • Parent Bread Entry:  Indicates the parent breadcrumb of this entry.

  • Short Name:  The text to display in the breadcrumb.

  • Click on Create to create the entry.

4.   In the Target section, the page or URL to branch to when the breadcrumb entry is selected must be identified.

5.     In the Conditional Display, conditions can be specified for the entry display.


The above book excerpt is from:

Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express

Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE

ISBN 0-9761573-1-4   

Michael Cunningham & Kent Crotty  

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