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A Page Process is the control that executes programming logic in the form of SQL statements, PL/SQL, API calls in the HTML DB engine, and more.  This is where data updates are performed to data in the database.  There are application level processes, page rendering processes, and page level processes executed when the page is submitted.  They are the same functionally, but differ in where they are defined with HTML DB.

Application Level processes are defined in Shared Components with the Application Processes link.  An application level process can later be called by a page level On Demand process.

Process Types

When the wizard is first started to create a process, the developer will choose which kind of process to create.  This depends largely on what the process needs to accomplish.


The PL/SQL process is the most common type of process that will be used.  Do not let the title PL/SQL deceive you because a simple select statement can also be written for this type of process.  In fact, it is quite common to use a Before Region PL/SQL process to populate items on the page. This can be done using several SQL select statements in a single PL/SQL process.  An entire Anonymous PL/SQL block can also be entered to be executed in this type of process.

A PL/SQL page process After Submit is common for inserting, updating, or deleting data from the database.

Reset Pagination

A Reset Pagination process is used to set the pagination of a report back to the beginning of the result set.  This was presented in detail in a previous chapter of this book.

On Demand

An On Demand process is a special process that will execute an Application Level process from the page level.  It provides a mechanism for sharing processes among pages, but it must be defined globally at the application level.

On Demand – at the Application Level is called by the On Demand page level process or through the URL.

The syntax to execute an On Demand process in the URL is:


The above book excerpt is from:

Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express

Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE

ISBN 0-9761573-1-4   

Michael Cunningham & Kent Crotty  

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