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Validations are used to check the validity of data entered into the page items.  Validations are used to make sure a mandatory field has data; a number field, such as currency, actually has a numeric value; that dates fall into an acceptable range; and much more.  When creating validations, properties are set to define what page item(s) will be set, when the computation will be executed, and how.

  • Validation Level

  • Validation Method

  • Error Message and Display Location

  • Conditions

Validation Levels

  •  Item Level Validation:   A validation specific to a single item on an application page.

  • Page Level Validation:   A validation usually used to check multiple items on an application page.  Often this is a PL/SQL function used to validate the data before an INSERT or UPDATE is attempted by a Process.  HTML DB uses this kind of validation to make sure the query entered into a Report region is a valid query.

The above book excerpt is from:

Easy HTML-DB Oracle Application Express

Create Dynamic Web Pages with OAE

ISBN 0-9761573-1-4   

Michael Cunningham & Kent Crotty  

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