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Easy Oracle Automation
Chapter 4 -
Automatic Workload Repository and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

Inside the DBA_HIST Views

Oracle Database 10g has 64 dba_hist views, each mapping to their underlying x$ and wrh$ components.  For example, the following shows the internal creation syntax for the dba_hist_sysstat view.  Note that dba_hist_sysstat is built from several workload repository tables, wrm$_snapshot, wrh$_sysstat, and dba_hist_stat_name.

<            dba_hist_sysstat view creation syntax

-- *************************************************
-- Copyright © 2004 by Rampant TechPress
-- This script is free for non-commercial purposes
-- with no warranties.  Use at your own risk.
-- To license this script for a commercial purpose,
-- contact
-- *************************************************
    s.snap_id, s.dbid, s.instance_number, s.statistic#,
    s.statistic_hash, nm.statistic_name, value

The above text is an excerpt from:

Easy Oracle Automation
Oracle10g Automatic Storage, Memory and Diagnostic Features

ISBN 0-9745993-6-0

by Dr. Arun Kumar R.

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