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Easy Oracle Automation
Chapter 4 -
Automatic Workload Repository and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

AWR Reporting

Recall that the dba_hist views are built from their wrh$ equivalents. These views provide the data source for a wealth of customizable reports for identification of trends and time-series performance optimization.  This type of reporting identifies signatures or regularly repeating patterns that are unique to the database instance. 

Once the DBA understands the patterns for the important metrics, he or she can use the Oracle Database 10g scheduler to re-allocate system resources just-in-time for the repeating event.

All queries against the dba_hist views require a join into the dba_hist_snapshot view, which is the main anchor for the AWR history views.  In the following figure, the anchor view and samples of summary and detail dba_hist views are shown:

Figure 4.13 - A sample of the dba_hist views for the AWR


With 64 dba_hist views and thousands of possible statistics to examine, the focus needs to be narrowed to some commonly used tuning approaches.  The following is a list of AWR dba_hist views:

The above text is an excerpt from:

Easy Oracle Automation
Oracle10g Automatic Storage, Memory and Diagnostic Features

ISBN 0-9745993-6-0

by Dr. Arun Kumar R.

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