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Easy Oracle Automation
Chapter 4 -
Automatic Workload Repository and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

Creating Custom AWR Reports

The next section will explore how to enhance these simple scripts to produce powerful exception reports.

Exception Reporting with Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) has a fantastic interface for creating exception alerts and mailing them directly to the Oracle professional.  However, the OEM has limitations.  Until OEM evolves into a true Decision Support System (DSS) for the Oracle DBA, the DBA will still need to use the workload information in the AWR for:

  • Complex exception reporting

  • Correlation analysis

  • Developing metric signatures

  • Hypothesis testing

  • Data Mining

There are more sophisticated exception reports that cannot be provided by OEM.  The data inside the AWR dba_hist views can be used by the Oracle DBA to perform complex analysis as mentioned below.

Signature Analysis – The AWR data can be used to plot values of important metrics, averaged by hour-of-the-day and day-of-the-week.  For example, plotting physical read and write signatures will give the DBA excellent insight into the regular variations in database stress.  Knowing this information is critical to scheduling just-in-time changes to SGA resources; the foundation of creating a self-tuning database.  For more information on signature analysis for Oracle, refer to the book Creating a Self-Tuning Oracle Database published by Rampant TechPress.

The above text is an excerpt from:

Easy Oracle Automation
Oracle10g Automatic Storage, Memory and Diagnostic Features

ISBN 0-9745993-6-0

by Dr. Arun Kumar R.

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