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Easy Oracle Automation
Chapter 6 - Automatic System Resource Management

Persistence of Automatically Tuned Values

If using the server parameter file (spfile) for the Oracle database, the sizes of the automatically tuned components across instance shutdowns will be retained. Therefore, the system has to learn the characteristics of the workload each time an instance is started. It can start with information from the last instance shutdown and continue evaluating the new workload.

Attention will now be shifted to automated maintenance tasks.

Automated Maintenance Tasks

Oracle Database 10g is designed to handle routine maintenance tasks and schedule them at certain times of the day or week when the system load is low. For the designated time period, a resource plan can be used to control resource consumption of these tasks. When the time elapses, the database can switch to a different resource plan with a lower resource allocation.

Resource Management

As explained in the previous section, Oracle Database 10g makes use of resource plans for different tasks.  At the time of database installation, a Resource Manager consumer group called auto_task_consumer_group is predefined. Similarly, a scheduler job class auto_task_job_class is also defined based on this consumer group. gather_stats_job is defined to run in the auto_task_job_class job class.

The above text is an excerpt from:

Easy Oracle Automation
Oracle10g Automatic Storage, Memory and Diagnostic Features

ISBN 0-9745993-6-0

by Dr. Arun Kumar R.

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