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OCP Instructors Guide for Oracle DBA Certification

Chapter 8 - Miscellaneous Oracle Information

The Foot Rule of Thumb

Create your own test instance and experiment. One of Oracleís great benefits is that it runs virtually anywhere. Create your own test environment. If you arenít sure how something works and the manuals arenít explicit enough, build a test case and execute it. I use my Oracle9i environment on a daily basis to teach others and continue my own database education.

Monitor By Day So You Donít Get Called at Night

Experienced database administrators are able to identify and prevent potential problems before they occur. Daily monitoring scripts that provide information on datafile freespace, extent growth, and disk space utilization help to reduce the number of night time calls.

Daily monitoring of performance statistics allows the DBA to tune proactively instead of reactively. Reviewing these reports daily will reduce the number of performance surprises that occur. The Internet is an endless source of tuning and monitoring scripts. Third-party books are also good sources. Find an author you like (my favorites are Burleson and anyone from TUSC) and implement the scripts they recommend. Tune and tweak them until the fit your own unique requirements.  My own library is a hodge-podge of scripts from various authors.

Run the reports using SQL*Plus as the reporting tool. Donít underestimate the reporting capabilities that SQL*Plus provides. SQL*Plus reports can include report breaks, page breaks, sum commands, min commands, max commands, averages, total lines, subtotal lines, headers, footers, custom column headings and data manipulations. Do not underestimate the power that this tool provides. The SQL*Plus manual contain dozens of formatting and data manipulation commands to help you create custom reports.

The above text is an excerpt from:

OCP Instructors Guide for Oracle DBA Certification
A Study Guide to Advanced Oracle Certified Professional Database
Administration Techniques

ISBN 0-9744355-3-8

by Christopher T. Foot

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