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Oracle Streams
Chapter 5 -
Apply Process Configuration

Using add_table_rules

 table_name                  => 'ny1.allinsured1',
 streams_type               => 'apply',
 streams_name             => 'ln1_apply',
 queue_name                => 'ln1_queue',
 include_dml                 => true,
 include_ddl                  => true,
 source_database          => '',
 inclusion_rule             => true);

In the above example:

  • Since both the include_dml and include_ddl parameters have been specified to TRUE, both DML and DDL rules are created.

  • Because the inclusion_rule parameter is set to TRUE, the rules are added to the positive rule set. The procedure creates positive rules set and associates them with the capture process.

Next the add_subset_rules procedure will be introduced as well as how to use it to create the Apply process.

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Streams
High Speed Replication and Data Sharing

ISBN 0-9745993-5-2

by Madhu Tumma

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