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Oracle Streams
Chapter 7 -
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Oracle Streams

Display Error Transaction Details

New(2): PREMIUM => 8888
New(3): NAME => MADHU
session#: 11
transaction name:
username: STRMADM

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

As shown in the above output, error#1 and error#2 are the result of update failures because the corresponding rows were not found at destination table on the Apply side. The error message is no data found. Error#3 is the result of inserting a duplicate row which resulted in unique key constraint violation. Error#4 is the result of foreign key constraint violation at destination table.

General Streams Related Views

Figure 7.3 shows the general Streams related views in a single glance.

Figure 7.3 General Streams Related static and dynamic views


The description of each of the view follows:


This view shows the archived log file details. It shows the names of the log files, and the start and end SCN values. Whenever a Capture process halted for any valid reason, on resumption it still must go back to archive log files to scan the redo entries. It is important to keep track of the archive log files location and monitor the removal of the archived log files from the file system. If the archived logs are removed before the Capture process has completed its scan, the Capture process will abort. Failing to have right archive log will abort the Capture process. 

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Streams
High Speed Replication and Data Sharing

ISBN 0-9745993-5-2

by Madhu Tumma

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