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Are the employee’s written and verbal communications effective, complete, accurate, clear, and timely? Does the span of communications include all affected parties such as the DBA, Unix Administration, Network Administration, application developers, management, and users?  Does the IT employee highlight needs and roadblocks, both current and anticipated?

There are many computer professionals that are technically competent, but cannot communicate effectively in even a minimal way. For the employer, it’s nice that the work is completed and submitted within the expected time frame, but attaining the overall objectives can be made much more difficult and prone to mistakes and hidden errors if communications about the work are inadequate.  Most IT projects require close cooperation and communications between support groups. It is also vital to keep management informed of project progress and issues to enable them to adjust workload, assignments, priorities, and target dates, and to help resolve obstacles.

The above book excerpt is from:

You're Fired! Firing Computer Professionals

The IT manager Guide for Terminating "With Cause"

ISBN 0-9744486-4-8

Robert Papaj

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