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Cluster File System

A cluster file system (CFS) is a file system that may be accessed (read and write) by all the members in the cluster at the same time. This implies that all the members of the cluster have the same view. Some of the popular and widely used cluster file system products for Oracle9i RAC include: HP Tru64 CFS, Veritas CFS, IBM GPFS, Polyserve Matrix Server, and Oracle Cluster File system. The cluster file system offers:

  • Simple management.
  • The use of Oracle Managed Files with RAC.
  • A Single Oracle Software Installation.
  • Auto-extend Enabled on Oracle Data Files.
  • Uniform accessibility of Archive Logs.
  • ODM compliant File systems.

In our view, when the cluster file system is available for a given platform, we should use the CFS in preference to the raw partitions. With the availability of the ODM-compliant cluster file systems, using the CFS makes much more sense. ODM-based CFS offer similar or even better performance over raw partitions, and far superior administrative convenience. The cluster file system set of features is rapidly advancing.

We will offer a detailed explanation of the cluster file system, as well as advances in usage and functionality, in later sections of the chapter.

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