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Storage Redundancy Components

There are many other components that help us to keep the storage system secure and reliable. Some of these include:

Hot Spares

A hot spare drive is a drive that contains no data and acts as a standby in case a drive fails. The hot spare drive adds another level of redundancy in the RAID Module. If a drive (of similar or a smaller capacity) fails, the hot spare automatically takes over on behalf of the failed drive until we replace it with another drive. Once we replace the failed drive, the hot spare automatically returns to a spare-standby status. Depending on how many hot spares we configure, a LUN (logical unit) could remain optimal and still have several failed drives (each one being covered by a hot spare). This method helps to keep the RAID 1, 3, or 5 LUNs functional.

Hot Plug

A hot-plug component means that it is electrically safe to remove or add the component while the machine is still running. Typically, the system must be rebooted before the hot-plug component is configured into the system.

Hot Swapping

A hot-swap component can be installed or removed by simply pulling the component out and putting in the new one. The system will either automatically recognize the component change and reconfigure itself as necessary or will require a user interaction to configure the system. In neither case is a reboot required. All hot-swappable components are hot-pluggable, but not all hot-pluggable components are hot-swappable. The device being removed or reinstalled is the only device that is not operational during this process.

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