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Context Dependent Symbolic Link - CDSL

When we begin using the shared cluster file system, we have just one copy of the entire directory structure. We have one set of directories where the data files, control files, redo log files, and archive log files are located. This is advantageous in many respects. However, sometimes we may want the relationship between a set of files or a directory and the shared CFS directory to be unique for each node/host within the cluster.

For example, we may want to keep a local tnsnames.ora file or a local listener.ora file. For the purpose of setting up Intelligent Agent, we may want to separate the $ORACLE_HOME/network directory from the shared Oracle home installation without having to physically install the Intelligent Agent on each node in the cluster.

In such situations, setting up a context dependent symbolic link (CDSL) creates a node-dependent copy of the file or directory.

There are many cluster file system products that can be used for building the RAC system. They include: Tru64 CFS for HP/Compaq Cluster servers, Veritas CFS for Solaris based RAC Clusters, PolyServe Matrix Server for Linux and Windows based RAC Clusters, and Oracle cluster files systems for Linux and Windows RAC clusters. Let us examine some of the important features of these products. Only some of these, however, support CDSL.

For more information, see the book Oracle 11g Grid and Real Application Clusters 30% off if you buy it directly from Rampant TechPress . 

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