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Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS)

Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS) is a shared file system designed specifically for Oracle Real Application Clusters. OCFS eliminates the requirement for Oracle database files to be located on the raw devices in Linux RAC cluster and Windows RAC cluster.

For Linux

Oracle has developed the cluster file system (OCFS) for use in Red Hat Linux and United Linux, and released it as an open source. It is available in the form of RPM packages. Users can download it for free. OCFS only supports Oracle data files, redo log files, control files, and server parameter files. It is not a general-purpose file system and therefore does not support a shared Oracle Home.

OCFS requires the use of the operating system’s o_direct compile-time flag to get direct I/O. I/O must be performed through aligned buffers with 512 byte (or multiples thereof) buffer offsets. These are details the Oracle server takes care of. The Oracle9i RAC database manages all the difficult concurrency issues and maintains the data integrity of the application just as it does when using raw partitions.

For Windows

The OCFS version for Windows NT/2000 is available on CD with the latest Oracle9i Release 2 ( OCFS can also be downloaded through OTN: OCFS for Windows does support a shared Oracle Home.

For more information, see the book Oracle 11g Grid and Real Application Clusters 30% off if you buy it directly from Rampant TechPress . 

Written by top Oracle experts, this RAC book has a complete online code depot with ready to use RAC scripts.





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