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cluster_interconnect parameter

Whenever we configure two interconnects, they are normally configured for the purpose of failover. When one fails, the other one takes over the interconnect functionality. It is a high availability feature.

However, when we use the cluster_interconnect parameter, we have a different scenario. This parameter explicitly unifies the two interconnects to act as one, thereby increasing the transport bandwidth. However, we lose the high availability feature. This parameter is optional and may be useful in certain conditions. This parameter is configurable on Sun Solaris, HP-UX, HP Tru64, HP OpenVMS, AIX, and Linux. The cluster_interconnect should be used when:

  • We want to override the default network selection
  • The bandwidth of a single interconnect does not meet the bandwidth requirements of a Real Application Cluster database

The syntax of the parameter is:

cluster_interconnects= if1:if2:...:ifn

<n> is an IP address in standard 4-octet format, for example, Subsequent platform implementations may specify interconnects with different syntax.

The following table shows when the parameter was introduced on which platform:

Operating System Available since

AIX         9.2.0
HP/UX       9.0.1
HP Tru64    9.0.1
HP OPenVMS  9.0.1
Linux       9.2.0
Sun Solaris 9.0.1

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